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Squads are your friends, family, and the identities you belong to (pun intended), and represent when taking part in our major esports tournaments, like our tri-annual tournament, Arena Clash. 



Each of our squad names hold a small piece of local history or knowledge.  

From Gatekeepers to Wildcats, we’ve got it all. Take a look at how each of our arenas were named: 

Aberdeen is known as the "City of Granite"!

Also, Castlegate Square -"All roads lead to 17th-century Mercat Cross, the city’s gargoyle-covered ground zero at the heart of Castlegate square, and this is where you should start your whistle-stop tour."

Long ago, terrifying brown bears roamed the Irish countryside. 

We thought the fearsome bear would be a great symbol for our Ballymena players to represent. 

Birmingham has a fort. Although not in the traditional sense, our Birmingham Defenders are there to both defend their esports titles, as well as their fort.

Bradford is particularly known for its wool industry.

We thought the Bradford Sheep didn’t quite cut it, so Rams it is!

The Braintree crest features an almighty boar, known for being vicious and holding onto a grudge.

Cribbs Causeway, where our Brawlers reside, was named after a bare-knuckle boxer called Tom Cribb.

Who wouldn’t want to be a bare-knuckle fighter?

Famously illicit trading occurred among the Bristol coastline. Not by an octopus.

But our Bristol Smuggler’s octopus does look pret-ty snazzy.

Craigavon is a hotspot for the predatory Kestrel, known for their remarkably keen eyesight, allowing them to also hunt in the dark.

Our Craigavon Kestrels, skilled even when their arena light bulbs need changing.

The Scottish sword called a claymore was thought to be a weapon mainly used and made by the Scots, and later became a symbol of physical strength and prowess.

Ah, our Humber Hunters. When all else fails, alliteration.

Flying high, several of Britain’s most famous fighter aircrafts started life on drawing boards and factories in Kingston.

Lord Richard Attenborough made his stage debut at Leicester's famous Little Theatre, and of course, is known for being in Jurassic Park!

At Belong, we like to use our imagination.

West Thurrock has many lakes. Lakes can sometimes be home to monsters. Leviathans included. (We just thought Lakeside Leviathans sounded cool).

Set in the heart of London, our London Lionhearts represent the exceptional courage and bravery of the squad.

During the Industrial Revolution, the worker bee was adopted as a symbol to represent the hard-working people of Manchester and the city becoming a hive of activity in the 19th Century.

Thus, our Manchester Swarm was created.

A long folk tale leads to our Mysterious Bat...

To give a quick summary, the Abhartach was a tyrannical dwarf wizard that kept rising from the dead after being killed and buried for his cruelty (3 times) by a neighbouring chieftain. The third time the chieftain was successfully killing the Abhartach after consulting a druid who suggested he should be buried upside down to subdue his magical powers. Some versions of the myth suggest that the Abhartach drank the blood of his subjects.

The enigma codebreaking operation at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes supposedly shortened the war in Europe by as many as two to four years, according to some historians.

Our Milton Keynes Enigmas squad pays homage to the talented masterminds behind cracking the enigma code.

Our formidable Newry Gatekeepers were named after Newry being known as the "Gateway to the North".

Arrr, our Portsmouth Pirates were named because of the history of piracy along the coastline of Portsmouth.

The Preston football team were forever dubbed “The Invincibles” after the team remained unbeaten in the 1888-89 season.

The fast and easy-to-manoeuvre HMS Vanity naval Destroyer was adopted by the Borough of Scunthorpe in 1941.

Our mighty Stratford Spartans are named after the Olympic Stadium being built in Stratford to host the Olympic games in 2012.

Sutton’s spooky history of Anglo-Saxon burials mounds inspired our Sutton Spectres squad name.

Our Steelers were named because Teesside is well known for its impressive steel industry.

No, there aren’t any wildcats in Wolverhampton.

But there is the site of a decisive battle between the unified Mercian Angles and West Saxon warriors, against the raiding Danes in 910. Another name for Warrior? Wildcat.

Known for their bountiful harvesting industry, a reaper is someone who harvests crops. We just made our Wrexham Reapers look more fun.

Home to the Jorvik Viking Centre and early Viking occupancy, our York Vikings are the very definition of raiders.



You become part of the Belong family!  

You’ll be able to represent your squad across our tournaments, wearing your squad’s custom jersey, which you can check out here.  

Enjoy community nights together and practice your competitive skills whilst you gear up to take on other squads across the country in Arena Clash. 



Enter our Arena Clash esports tournament and visit us on Discord to join your local squad and stay in the know for all new future events and tournaments! 

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