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Xbox Community Nights - Halo Infinite Tournament Ruleset & T&Cs

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1 Eligibility 

1.1 Definition 

A ‘Halo Infinite Competitor’ is a player that is participating in the Halo Infinite Tournament. Any member of a Halo Infinite team is a participant of that team and is locked to it regardless of whether or not the person has played for the said team. With their participation, the participant states that they understand and accept all rules. 

1.2 Player Eligibility 

Each Halo Infinite team must consist of 4 members.  

Players must be at least 16 years of age in order to be eligible to enter. 

Players must use their own personal Microsoft account in order to compete. 

1.3 Additional Eligibility 

Players should use their personal Microsoft account with Halo Infinite activated on the account. 
If a player’s account is suspended or banned for any reason during the tournament, they will not be eligible to play in the Halo Infinite Tournament for the duration of the suspension/ban. 

Players with inappropriate usernames will be asked to submit another one if tournament organisers request so. If they cannot then they will be unable to enter the tournament. 

2 Tournament Stages 

2.1 Qualifying 

All  players will automatically qualify for the Tournament.  

2.2 Group Stage 

2.1.1 Format 

This tournament will take place on a single day and is it’s own entity separate from any other tournaments.  

The tournament will be conducted in one of two ways dependant on the number of participants on the night, as detailed below 

If there are 9 or more teams the tournament will take place as a swiss bracket. 

If there are 8 or fewer teams the tournament will take place as a single round robin bracket. 

All fixtures will be played as best of 1 matches. 

2.1.2 Swiss group 

In a Swiss group teams will be matched against each other for each fixture based on their win to loss record, with teams of a similar record being matched against each other. 

2.1.3 Round Robin 

In a round Robin group all players will compete against each other in the same group over a number of rounds. Each round will see them matched against another player to form each fixture. Fixtures will be played until each player has played every other player to form a final score table. 

2.2.4 Tiebreakers 

In the event of a tie between teams with matching points at the end of the tournament the following determinations will be used in order: 

  1. Teams head to head records 
  2. The Teams Opponent's Match Win Percentage 
  3. The Teams Game Win Percentage 
  4. The Team's Opponents Opponent's Match Win Percentage 

Opponent’s match-win percentage 

A player’s match-win percentage is that player’s accumulated match points divided by the total match points possible in those rounds. If this number is lower than 0.33, use 0.33 instead. The minimum match-win percentage of 0.33 limits the effect low performances have when calculating and comparing opponents’ match-win percentage. 

Game-win percentage 

Similar to the match-win percentage, a player’s game-win percentage is the total number of game points he or she earned divided by the total game points possible (generally, 3 times the number of games played). Again, use 0.33 if the actual game-win percentage is lower than that. 

3 Match Setup 

3.1 Mode 

The ranked variant of the slayer game mode will be used. 

3.2 Map pool 

For the Slayer game mode the following map pool is available. 

3.3 Map selection 

To select maps the following procedure will be used, where the team on the left of the fixture on Battlefy is team A, and the team on the right of the fixture is Team B. Teams will use the fixture chat on Battlefy to communicate. 

If teams mutually agree to switch who is team A and B this is fine providing the same procedure is followed. 

3.5 Coinflip Clarification 

The coinflip will determine which team wins or loses the flip based on team name in alphabetical order. 

Heads: Team with alphabetical priority picks 
Tails: Team without alphabetical priority picks. 

Alphabetical priority is determined in the following way: 

Team A has priority over teams B, C, D etc. 

Team Aardvark has priority over team Angel (Aa vs An) etc. 

It is the responsibility of the Arena admin for the team with the first alphabetical order to perform the coin flip and report the result to their corresponding opponents admin. Any disputes should be reported to the League Operator. 

3.6 Ties 

In the event a Slayer game ends in a tie the score on Battlefy for the fixture will be reported as a tie. This can be done in the specific fixture screen in the bottom left of the score reporting section.  

4 Bugs and Glitches  

It is up to the tournament administration discretion whether the use of any bugs had an effect on the match, and what penalty they will incur. Players should pause the game and report these to the Tournament Organiser as soon as possible.  

4.1 Rehosting  

Rehost rules are specified below, including the conditions in which they will be allowed:    

Each team can receive up to 1 rehost per map maximum.  

In case the above conditions are met, players should instantly request a rehost by writing in the in-game chat “rehost”, followed by the reason. Once confirmed, all players must leave the game.  

If a match is interrupted then it should be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a round is to be replayed due to a rehost, players must choose the same heroes, same map, and same sides.  

5 Infractions and Penalties  

5.1 Failure to Attend   

Penalty: Game Loss  

Teams must be ready to play at the start of the round.  

If a fixture has not started 10 mins after the scheduled start time due to a team or player not being in attendance on time, then their team will receive a Match Loss.   

In the case of technical issues, teams must contact an Admin who will help them resolve the issue.  

If the issue cannot be resolved within 20 minutes of the round start time, the team that is unable to play the match will receive a game loss. They must inform an Admin prior to the start of the next round if they have resolved the technical issue. If they do not inform an Admin they will be dropped from the tournament.   

5.2 Use of Bugs and Glitches           

Penalty: Game Loss  

Using a game mechanic that is classed as a bug or glitch will lead to instant game loss to the team that uses it.  

5.3 Rehosts           

Penalty: Game Loss  

Giving an invalid reason for a rehost, or leaving the match before having approval to do so will lead to instant game loss to the team that uses it.  

5.4 Unlisted Penalties  

If an admin or player believes a rule has been broken and there is no assigned penalty for it, they must contact the representative as soon as possible with details and evidence. The representative will judge the case and assign a penalty if required.