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ACCEPTANCE: By entering this competition, you agree you have read and accept these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to verify any entries and winners and may refuse to award prizes where we have reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions. You can access these terms and conditions at any time during the competition at We suggest that you keep a copy of these terms for your own records.

ELIGIBILITY: You may enter this competition if you are resident in the UK and 16 years old or older. You are not eligible to enter this competition if you, or a member of your immediate family (which means parents, children, siblings, spouse and life partners), are an employee, contractor or sub-contractor of GAME Retail Limited or any of FRASERS GROUP. You promise that all the personal information you provide to GAME in connection with this competition shall be complete and accurate. We reserve the right to deny any individual entry to our tournaments.

HOW TO ENTER: You can enter by registering a team on BATTLEFY on the tournaments linked directly from our website (Battlefy registration can be via Email,, Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter or Vkontakte). Team sizes for each title are as follows: Tekken 7 (1), League of Legends (5), VALORANT (5), Starcraft 2 (1). You must have the correct team size to play, and each team requires a BATTLEFY account which is not owned controlled or affiliated with GAME or any other member of the FRASER GROUP. You must “Check in” to the tournament shortly before the tournament goes live, as per the tournament rules on the Battlefy tournament pages. No payment or purchase is required.

DATES: These tournaments will be held between 6pm and 11pm on various game titles, on the following dates:
2nd – 5th Aug 2021
9th– 12th Aug 2021
16th – 19th Aug 2021
23rd – 26th Aug 2021
Each tournament may be required to conclude on a later date should any unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control prevent the tournament from providing a clear winner.

RULES: The tournament will be held in accordance with our tournament rules, copies of which are available on the Battlefy pages and copies are available on request.

INVALID ENTRIES: Any entry made or attempted to be made to the competition in a manner which in our reasonable opinion is contrary to these terms and conditions, or the tournament rules, or by its nature unfair to other participants will be invalid and may result in your disqualification from the competition. Examples of entries or behaviour which are not allowed include fraudulent entries, bulk entries, automated entries, entries made on behalf of another person, cheating (including a person participating in the competition on your behalf), hacking, deception (including tampering with the challenge settings which will result in immediate disqualification from the entire competition), use of robots or other automated programs. We will not accept illegible or incomplete entries.

SELECTION OF WINNERS: The winners for the Online Cups tournaments will be determined in accordance with the tournament rules.

PRIZE: The prizes are paid out as BACS Bank transfer to the winning players individually as follows:
For the TEKKEN 7 Tournaments:
1st Place Player - £100
2nd Place Player - £50
For the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Tournaments:
1st Place Team - £100 (£20 per player)
2nd Place Team - £50 (£10 per player)
For the VALORANT Tournaments:
1st Place Team - £100 (£20 per player)
2nd Place Team - £50 (£10 per player)
For the STARCRAFT 2 tournaments:
1st Place Player £100
2nd Place Player £50

Additional physical prizes will be awarded to individual players for specific titles
For the TEKKEN 7 Tournaments:
1st Place Players - 1x Sony Pulse 3D Headset
For the VALORANT Tournaments:
1st Place Team - 5x HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Keyboards

PAYMENT: We will contact winners via email or phone to arrange payment of prizes. We may substitute prizes of equal or greater value. Prizes cannot be exchanged for any other prizes. Prizes are not transferable. Prizes may be considered a taxable benefit and the winner will be directly responsible for any taxes payable on their prize. Only one prize will be awarded to each winner. It is the players’ responsibility to submit correct winner information within 7 days of the tournament concluding, or you may forfeit your winnings. GAME will guarantee payment of valid prizes within 30 (thirty) days of correct details being submitted. If there are any errors with your prize details, we will attempt to contact you for 7 (seven) more days. After this time, if we have had no responses, you may forfeit your prize winnings.

OWNERSHIP OF YOUR ENTRY: You own your entry, including any copyright in your entry. By entering the competition, you agree that GAME (including our group and affiliate companies) may edit, publish and use your entry in any and all media (including print and online) for promotion and news purposes, both during and after the competition, without any payment to you.

NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS: We will notify the winners at the end of each of the grand final for each tournament via Battlefy or the tournament Discord channel.

LIST OF WINNERS: You may request the last name and county of the prize winners by sending a stamped addressed envelope to Belong Online Cup Tournaments, Game Retail Limited, Unity House, Telford Road, Basingstoke, RG21 6YJ. By entering this competition, you give us permission to make available your last name and county if you win.

FINAL DECISION: Our decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the selection of the winner of this competition.

CONSENT TO USE NAME AND IMAGE: We may require the winners to participate in publicity or advertising. By entering this competition, you agree that we may use your name and/or image for these purposes and that you will not be paid.

YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: When you give us the information we ask for as part of the competition, we will use it as needed to conduct the competition as we have described in these terms. We may also use it for other reasons, but we will ask for your permission before we do. We will process, use, and store your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy which can be found at

OUR LIABILITY TO YOU: We accept liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or that of our employees and agents. We do not seek to exclude liability for fraud by us or our employees or agents. For any other loss or damage, we will only be liable for losses which are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of our negligence or breach of these terms and conditions, up to a maximum of £100. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time of you entering this competition.

WHAT WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR: We are not responsible for:
losses not caused by our breach or negligence
indirect losses – these are losses which are a side effect of the main loss or damage and which are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us at the time of you entering this competition
entries lost, delayed, damaged or corrupted where such loss, delay, damage, or corruption is caused by events outside of our reasonable control
technical failures or errors affecting communication lines, website availability or systems errors where these are not within our reasonable control, or
any failure to provide the competition, the prize(s) or to meet any of our obligations under these terms and conditions where that failure arise because of events outside of our reasonable control.

LIABILITY OF THIRD PARTIES: You acknowledge that some prizes are provided by a third party not related to GAME. We are not responsible for the performance of any third party involved in this competition or the provision of the prizes and will not be liable for any act or omission of a third party, although we will endeavour to minimise the effect to you of any third party's failure. Third-party terms may apply to prizes details of which can be provided upon request.

DISPUTES: If you wish to take court proceedings against GAME you must do so within the United Kingdom. The law of the part of the United Kingdom of which you are a resident shall apply, for example, if you live in England the laws of England shall apply and if you live in Scotland the laws of Scotland shall apply.

DETAILS OF PROMOTER: This competition is run by Game Retail Limited (“GAME”) a company registered in England and Wales. Our registered address is Unity House, Telford Road, Basingstoke, RG21 6YJ.