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We are pleased to announce that most of our gaming arenas are now open, featuring strict cleaning regimes with social distancing measures in place to help everyone play safely.

To learn more about our risk assessments, please view our COVID-19 Secure Certificate.

Please note that our safety measures and terms of use are overridden by any local COVID restrictions.

For our latest opening times, and to see if your local arena is open, please see our arena locator.


What safety measures do you have in place at your Arenas?

All our open arenas have been carefully set up – and modified, where needed – to ensure they can be run safely for everyone. We have introduced a wide range of measures, which include desk spacing, screens at tills, guidelines on the floor to maintain strict social distancing, staff wearing visors, only accepting card payments, as well as a full clean of all peripherals, desks and chairs after each use.

With the implementation of our new cleaning routine and desk management process, there may be a longer waiting time than usual.

We are also asking you to wear a mask in our arenas.

You may bring your own or we can provide for you where availability allows. Feel free to also bring your own headset with you. If you do not have one at home we can provide you one, fully sanitised, or you can buy selected headsets in store, we have selected lines at 20% off when bought with any time in an arena. 


What precautions do you have in place to protect your Arena teams?

All our teams have completed training to ensure they maintain the new guidelines we have put in place to keep our community, and them, safe. We have also included screen dividers at till points, where we will only be accepting card payment, and staff are all offered gloves and facemasks.


Which Arenas are Closed?

  1. Craigavon
  2. Hull


Why are these arenas closed?

These arenas will remain closed as we cannot comply fully to the social distancing guidelines at the moment.


What are your opening times?

For our latest opening times please visit our arena locator.


Can I book a party in the arenas?

At this time, we will not be accepting any bookings for large groups or more than six person parties until further advice from the Government regarding social distancing and large group guidance. Six person party bookings will be possible, as long as your group conforms with the latest government advice. 


Can I still book online?

Yes, we encourage all players to book online, however, please note that due to the social distancing and desk management implementation, as well as reduced hours, there will be fewer slots available than usual. We highly recommend you book in advance on to guarantee your slot in our arenas.


What if I have a pass, what do I do? 

We are currently not selling or renewing any memberships.

You can still visit our arenas and use your pass as normal. When the arenas closed on 21st March, we put all passes on hold so players would still get full value for money. Your pass will begin again once you first visit the arena, along with any extension given.

When you visit the arena for the first time you will be given a new membership card with an updated expiry date. 

Your extension is based on what type of membership you have purchased. If you have purchased a weekend membership, we will extend your time by an additional weekend. If you have a weekday or monthly pass, we will extend by an additional week.

Please check that the arena is open and learn more about what hours they are operating here before you visit.


What is happening with Arena Clash?

We are working hard to find a suitable and safe way where we can finish the season and still give all players the experience they deserve. Once we have come to a viable conclusion, we will contact players via email or Discord.


Who do I contact if I have any more questions?

Please email our customer service team at if you have any further questions.

We will do our best to come back to you as quickly as possible.


Can I stay and wait for children under 12?

All of our waiting areas are closed at this time. We require you book a second desk so you can stay and play during your visit to supervise the under 12. If you are bringing more than one child under 12 you will not be required to book an additional desk.  


Please Note:

During this period, some games are unavailable at our arenas. Please contact your local arena to discuss what games are available before booking your time.