Choose a country

Belong is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Where would you like to go?


You will need to register a Challonge account in order to take part in the Arena Rivals tournament. 


1. Go to and select 'SIGN UP' in the top right corner.

2. Enter your in-game name as your username.


3. Once the tournament link has gone live, you will then be prompted to sign up using your account.

Please select 'Sign up with an alternative name'.


4. Please now sign up with the following format: GAMERTAG (Arena Location)


5. Congratulations! You're all ready to go. 

Links to the tournaments on Challonge will be distributed 1 week prior to each weekly tournament, on our social channels and discord. Contact your local arena if you cant find the link and they can help you sign up.




Find your tribe

How do you enter I hear you ask? Well it couldn't be easier! Simply head to one of the participating arenas and ask the staff to sign up! Easy right? You can scroll down for a list of all the arenas participating in the next season of the Arena Clash.