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Players will first take part in the open, free to enter qualifiers either in your pre-made team, or we will match you and get on started on your esports journey.

These qualifiers will determine the seeding for the season ahead, with teams all going through to the Championship League.

Once qualifiers are complete it is at this point you will pay your entry fee and order your jersey.

Don't fear if you miss the qualifiers, some arenas may need to pick up players to fulfill teams, so contact your local arena and see what spaces they have left!


Championship League

Teams will be seeded into groups based on their team rank. They will then compete in a Swiss Group Format - where each team competes against all other teams in their group over five weeks, the top 6 teams will move onto the playoffs.




For the playoffs the top 6 teams from the group stage are seeded into a single-elimination bracket, in addition, the top 2 seeded teams will receive an automatic bye into the semi-finals.

The playoffs are the true challenge of Arena Clash, they will be your opportunity to gain more competitive experience and claim a share of the prize pool



Our finals are streamed-lived on Twitch where each team, from each title, will be able to show their skills to the world and can be supported by their community.

Watch live as you find out who takes the top spot and the prize pool!