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Stratford, London has played a massive role in the recent history of the UK, most notably as the centre of focus of the 2012 London Olympics. When we knew that we were bringing Belong to Stratford, we knew that the history of the Olympics would inform what we wanted to do with the name and design of our newest tribe.

We couldn’t be more excited to present to you the newest in our Belong Tribes, The Stratford Spartans!

The Spartans played a huge role in ancient times, and were some of the first outstanding olympians of the ancient games so we thought it made perfect sense to bring a little bit of that Spartan and Olympic history to our latest tribe. We’re sure you’ll agree that the design is gorgeous and we’re excited to see it and the tribe in action!

Opening on August 17th inside of Westfield Stratford, we hope you’ll all head down and join us as we open the doors to the newest Belong Arena, but you can book slots right now using our handy booking bar at the top of this page!

Click the link below for more information on the Arena: