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Enjoy a huge selection of over 100 high-quality Xbox Game Pass games, all optimized for the Xbox Series X, for free when you visit us every Saturday and Sunday morning for the first three hours your arena is open, from 6th August to 27th August. Every Saturday we have a different leaderboard for you to take part in, with the winner each week taking home an Xbox Series S!

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Weekly Leaderboards

Visit your local arena every Saturday during the first three hours of opening and you can not only play Xbox Game Pass games for free, but you can also enter our free challenges which offer each week's winner an Xbox Series S! Take a look at what's coming up: 

Saturday 6th August

The first week offers a Minecraft build challenge, where players can use creative mode to create a build to the theme of "Microsoft Classics" with a minimum of 100 blocks. 4 screenshots of each build will need to be posted in our Discord server, where the Belong community will vote for their favourite, and the winning creator will take home the Xbox Series S! Players may enter as many builds as they want, so what will you create? 

Minecraft T&Cs

Saturday 13th August

The second week will bring a Tetris Effect leaderboard to the arenas. Players will have just 3 minutes to clear as many lines as they can - it sounds easy, but believe us those 3 minutes fly by! Players may enter as many scores as they wish within the 3 hour free to play period, so you can hone your skills to top the leaderboard to take home that Xbox Series S!

Tetris T&Cs

Saturday 20th August

The third week has a fantastic challenge on the rather unique mountain biking game Lonely Mountains Downhill! Grab your helmet and take on the Graterhorn trail on the Grasshopper bike, fastest time to complete the trail takes home the Xbox Series S! If it comes down to the wire and a tiebreaker is required, the number of crashes will taken into account, with the fastest time with the least number of crashes will take home the prize.

Lonely Mountains Downhill T&CSs

Saturday 27th August

Our final week concludes with a title which proved a huge hit during July... Pac-Man! The challenge is simple - highest score wins! So do you want to come back for revenge after you were pipped to the top spot back in July during our leaderboard? Well this is your time to take the crown - and the Xbox Series S - and of course, a little glory thrown in too!

Pac-Man T&Cs





- Saturday and Sunday mornings
- 6th to 28th August
- First 3 hours of arena opening


- 6th August - Minecraft
- 13th August - Tetris
- 20th August - Lonely Mountains Downhill
- 27th August - Pac-Man

- First 3 hours of arena opening 

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