The Belong Arenas BYOC is the UK’s biggest gaming LAN party where players can compete in esports tournaments, participate in multiplayer battles, enjoy the array of evening entertainment, and relax in the social gaming areas. 

Whether you're a veteran BYOC attendee, or brand new, innocent and fresh-faced, it is still worth preparing yourself for the experience of the BYOC across the LAN halls of Insomnia64. So we have listed the seven different people you'll meet and what to avoid!


1.  The Forgetful - Those who forget all the important things and have to borrow from someone else. Just remember to bring your ticket okay?



2.  The Gordon Ramsey - The ones that like to try and bring more than just their more microwaves please! 


3.  The Practical Jokers - Those people who just love to play jokes on the unsuspecting victims of the BYOC. Leave the airhorn at home!



4.  The Z-Catchers - The ones asleep at their desks...please make sure to make sleeping arrangements BEFORE attending!



5.  The Mistake Makers - Those who have had just a bit too much to drink...



6.  The Hardcore - The ones who try to stay awake as long as possible...


7.  The Ravers - The people who enjoy finding entertainment in more than just gaming! Please don't obstruct our fire exits...



Head into any Belong Arena to purchase i64 tickets, or order your BYOC ticket online now!


19th - 22nd April 2019


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• Your PC and Power supply

• Monitor

• Your Toothbrush

• Peripherals

• Clothes (very important)

• Sleeping Arrangements

• Hygiene Products (also important)

• Money for snacks (this should be No.1)

• Your favourite games!




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