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Belong is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. Where would you like to go?

Belong is heading to the US!

Kicking off Belong's global launch, Pearland, alongside 5 other arenas across Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Houston, and Columbus will all be set to open this year, with more to be announced. 

Belong Pearland comes complete with its very own squad, the Pearland Archers, named after the Pearland Temple for Meenakshi, a warrior and Hindu Goddess who excels in archery.



Each arena is built with you in mind. With a minimum of 48 game stations, equipped with high-powered HP OMEN PCs, PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X consoles, as well as ViewSonic gaming monitors and HyperX peripherals at your fingertips.

Want to settle a rivalry? Our couch co-op zone can do exactly that!

Each couch is set up with a 55” TV and a PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series X console so that you will be able to establish who is the best once and for all.



Our Belong US arenas offer a relaxed space where everyone is welcome.

Bring your friends or go solo and we’ll do everything possible to make you feel at home.

We have a range of different social zones where you can meet up with new and old friends, grab some snacks and drinks too, or play on your mobile phone or Switch.


We have gone the extra mile when it comes to parties. Bespoke private hire rooms for you to have your own unique space with up to 12 friends and we will provide a dedicated host to make sure your party is one to remember.

We’ll even host a variety of tournaments exclusively for you and your guests!


You can even pick up a new headset or keyboard on your way out of every arena to make sure you are well set for gaming at home too.

We will be selling a range of console hardware, games, and merchandise to best fit your gaming lifestyle.


Ready for battle? Sign up today to be there first in line!



Be sure to follow @PearlandArchers to stay up to date with the latest news, events, and know when the squad is heading your way!


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