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We know how much our retro gaming fans loved the Pac-Man leaderboard we held for July, so for all you classic gaming fans..... September brings you DOOM!

Take on the original DOOM game, playing the 'Knee Deep in the Dead' level on Nightmare difficulty as quickly as you can! Players will be ranked by their time to complete the level, with percentage of kills, items and secrets achieved all taken into account in the event of a tiebreak! 

Players may as per usual attempt the challenge as many times are they wish!

Prizing will be a total of £100 in vouchers awarded to the top 2 players as follows

1st place: £60 voucher

2nd place: £40 voucher

This challenge is open to players across all arenas.

Please ensure you read and agree to the T&Cs before entering.

Visit your local arena during September to take part.




1st September - 30th September 2022

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