On the 19th of April, our Arena Clash finalists; the Plymouth Armada and the Bristol Smugglers, will compete on stage at Insomnia64 in front of a live audience.

Plymouth Armada finished top of their group and Bristol Smugglers finished second, but have bounced back with a strong performance in the playoffs. Both teams dominated their Quarterfinals winning 2-0 against their opponents with Plymouth knocking out upstarts Norfolk Nighthawks and Bristol outplaying top seed Kingston Harriers with strong 2-1 wins in their Semifinal matches.

Congratulations to our Tribes for getting this far, and good luck to the Bristol Smugglers KenaciousD, Kiwicamb6, Meads, Whiston, Soh and CyanFoxtrot - and the Plymouth Armada players R1X, Slithermore, Dirty Nige, BumbleBishop, Anxious_emu and K1k24 as they take on each other for the last time.


Check out the highlights of the season so far, and how both teams made it to the finals.




All is to play for now, as each team will compete for the title of Arena Clash Champion, as well as £200 Reward points plus £100 in KontrolFreek goodies.

If you're attending Insomnia64 and the Rainbow Six Siege Finals have got you itching to get your hands on a controller, you can enjoy our free entry Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 Tournament in Hall 4 from 11am - 6pm. Our first place winners will also get a £50 gift card each.

Take your favourite operator away with you as a souvenir! The Koyo Store will also be selling officially licensed Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege operator badges from our merchandise stall in Hall 4 ahead of the Rainbow Six Siege Arena Clash Finals.

You can also come and take a photo with our teams and the Rainbow Six Siege Arena Clash trophy throughout the day. Make sure to head to Hall 4 from 8pm as Ubisoft will be providing some Rainbow Six Siege goodies to give away to our live audience as the finals unfold - so if you still haven't bought a ticket for Insomnia64, make sure to click here to get yours today, and check out our handy guide on travel to the NEC!

Koyo store Rainbow Six Siege Badges



  • Bristol Smugglers vs Plymouth Armada
  • When - 19th April - 8:30pm
  • Venue - Insomnia64
  • Location - Hall 4 - Esports Stage
  • Watch Live - Twitch.tv/Rainbowsix_uk


  • Format - 3v3
  • First Place Prize - £50 Gift Card (per player)
  • When - 19th April 11am - 6pm
  • Location - Hall 4 - Tournament Zone


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