Unleash your darkness with Nioh 2 at Belong Arenas.

Fight to survive, wield devastating powers of the supernatural yokai and journey through the mysterious Dark Realm - the demonic home of the yokai. Play with friends in the co-op online multiplayer modes and experience Nioh 2 for free at all Belong Arenas from the 13th - 19th of March. Take part, and you'll also be entering our competition to win a 500GB PS4 and Nioh 2 Special Edition copy! The winner will be chosen on the 20th of March, read the full T&Cs here.

Journey to 1555 feudal Japan, a country gripped in the misery and madness of endless warfare.
It is a place where monsters and evil spirits infest a land of natural beauty and menacing peril, where everyone from the smallest child to the bravest warrior lives in constant fear of the spiritual beings known as yokai.

Play as a mute rogue living as a hired mercenary and renowned yokai hunter. Born to and abandoned by human and
yokai parents, you are burdened with the ability to take on supernatural yokai form.


• Discover traditional melee and ranged weapons
• Learn a variety of deadly new samurai skills
• Change your combat stance to perform specific moves, with each stance having its own strengths and weaknesses
• Prepare for the fight of your life in a revamped combat system
• Experience a twisting tale where fact meets fiction.
• Join friends online in multiplayer modes for two or three players: summon allies to your aid in Visitors or play
completed levels together in Expeditions.


Will you be able to survive the treacherous Sengoku era and the terrifying Dark Realm?



13th - 19th March



Must be 18+ to take part


Terms & Conditions

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