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The world is at your fingertips with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and stunning aircraft in an incredibly realistic world.

Set out your flight plan and fly through night and day, facing live, real-time weather, including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain and lighting.

Travel the world with over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic and more.


Belong were very excited to have pilots from AirBourne Aviation visit our Head Office gaming arena on the 25th August to test out Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can view how it went down by watching the video below.

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Aaron Hill
This competition is cool would be amazing to get a shot at flying a plane. Hopefully will win also #suttonspecters for tom great manager
9/9/2020 9:39:06 PM
Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.
9/6/2020 2:15:30 PM

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