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It's about to KICK OFF the release of the latest FIFA, as we bring our FREE to enter FIFA 23 leaderboard to our arenas!


To celebrate the World Cup with continue our leaderboard 'PK against Keeper' High score. Exactly what it says on the tin....score as many goals against the keeper as possible using Harry Kane vs Germany.

Players may, as per usual, attempt the challenge as many times are they wish, so you can work your way up to that top spot!

Prizing will be a total of £300 in vouchers ,per leaderboard, awarded to the top 4 players as follows:

1st place: £150 voucher

2nd place: £100 voucher

3rd place: £50 voucher

You must be over 13 years old to take part. For October's Terms & Conditions click here. For November's Term's & Conditions click here.


Visit your local arena during October and November to take part.




Power shot high score leaderboard: All of October

PK against the goal keeper leaderboard: All of November



viva xbox
7/29/2022 11:41:25 AM

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