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We are very excited to announce that we are working alongside Bungie in order to bring the World's first ever Destiny 2 Gambit Arena Cup tournament - across 22 locations in the UK!

Assemble your four-player Fireteam to get ready for the Qualifiers that will be starting on the 24th April. There is a first and second place prize up for grabs including cash and exciting prizes from Bungie for our winners.

The tournament will be held on PC, but you can still get involved if you're a console player!

We have first come first served accounts with pre-loaded Gambit Prime gear and a selection of weapons available. Make sure to sign up at your nearest arena which you can find here.


Gambit Prime takes the classic Gambit mode and adds even more strategy, encouraging playing as a team. 

The new role system rewards users with new set bonus perks when wearing armour pieces of a specific set.

The more pieces you wear of a specific set, the more Gambit Prime armour perks you'll earn when you reach a certain threshold.  

The enemies in each wave of Gambit Prime are more powerful with higher tier enemies spawning in among regular waves, causing players to use their Super to clear them out, and not just as a focus for the Primeval. 

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime Arena Cup will make our players think before they rush to bank what motes they have - dropping a small Blocker is no longer much of a distraction. 

Stealing Motes from the enemy bank is now a new feature that requires players to be strategic about what Blockers they put down to cause the most disruption.

Each Gambit Prime Arena Cup team will be divided into groups and will play every team in their group in a best of 1 series of Gambit Prime. If our veteran Gambit players are successful, the top eight teams will advance into the playoffs, where they'll be faced with a double elimination bracket and will play a best of 1 series against their opponents. The Grand finals will be played as a Best of 3 Series. The top 4 teams that have progressed in the bracket will be invited to Belong Nottingham on the 18th May to complete the playoffs live on stream!

Master one of four new combat roles in Gambit Prime to become the perfect teammate! Find out which role you belong in.


24th April Qualifiers 

1st May Week 1

8th May Week 2

15th May Playoffs

18th May Finals at Belong Nottingham


Free Entry


Teams of 4

1. Group Stage

Play each team in the group stage

Top 8 teams will advance to playoffs

2. Playoffs

Double Elimination bracket 


1st Place - £100 Per Player

2nd Place - £50 Per Player


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