We know being a dad isn’t easy. Just ask Joel or Kratos! So, this Father’s day we are letting dads play for free!

Bring your dad down to one of our arenas on the 16th June and take part in our Fortnite duos High Score Tournament to win a free peak half-day game pass.

To celebrate Father's Day here at Belong Arenas, we're honouring some of our favourite Dads in gaming. Here are our top dads!

1. Kratos

The Greek God of War is Father to Atreus, a sickly boy who Kratos views as weak and unworthy.
In God of War (2018), Kratos learns to control his rage and begins to develop a bond with his son, teaching him how to fight and protect himself.

2. Joel

Losing his only daughter to the Apocalytpic outbreak in The Last of Us, left Joel broken. When he comes across Ellie, the key to mankind's survival and surrogate second-daughter, he devotes himself to ensuring her survival, even if it means sacrificing the future of the human race. 


3. Octodad

This unconventional Father proves that family love has no limits. Octodad is an octopus masquerading as a human, taking care of his family by carrying out mundane tasks and treating them to days out at the *ahem*...aquarium. 



4. Who's Your Daddy?

Like all good Fathers, this Dad aims to prevent his infant son from certain death in the casual 1 on 1 video game. Baby proofing the home isn't as easy as it looks!



5. John Marston

The tough cowboy stops at nothing to save his wife and son after the newly-formed FBI kidnap them in order to blackmail John into tracking down his old gang members. Although it doesn't end too well for John, he manages to ensure his family escape unscathed. 


Give your Dad the break he needs this Father's Day, by visiting one of our arenas on the 16th June and enjoy some friendly competition as you compete in our Fortnite Duos challenge! The highest scoring duo will each receive a off-peak half day gaming pass! If Fortnite isn't your thing, Dad's can play free for one hour with an accompanying child on any full session purchase!

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1 Free Hour for Father's with a full session purchase and accompanying child 


Fortnite Duos High Score Tournament Prize:

Off-peak Half Day Pass for Dad and Child

#Father's Day

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