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Q: I’m taking part in Arena Clash, what happens now?

A: You will still be able to use our Wardour arena ahead of the Arena Clash WI19 Finals.


Q: Will the prices change?

A: You will find the same great deals at our new Oxford Street arena.


Q: Where can I book?

A: You can book online using our website.


Q: Where is the new arena located?

A: You can find our Oxford Street arena entrance inside House of Fraser.


Q: Can I still game in the Wardour arena until Oxford Street opens?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: Where will the Arena Clash Spring Qualifiers for the London Lionhearts be held?

A: The Arena Clash Spring Qualifiers will be held at our Oxford Street arena.


Q: Where is the nearest car park?

A: The nearest car park is Q-Park – an underground car park underneath Cavendish Square.


Q: Where is the nearest train station?

A: You can visit us by Bond Street station, or Oxford Circus.


Q: Will there be food and drink available?

A: Our new Oxford Street arena will have a large variety of snacks and drinks available.


Q: Can I run an event at the Oxford Street arena?

A: If you’d like to hire the arena, please contact us on either Facebook or Twitter.


Don't forget to visit us online to stay up to date with any activity at our new arena!

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Stay tuned to @BelongArenas on Twitter!

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