Sharpen your skills or take your first step in to esports with Belong Arena Rivals.


Arena Rivals is our most accessible tournament yet allowing you to drop in and take part in our weekly arena tournaments. New rivalries will be forged as you face your fellow tribe members over a 5 week period earning points for each victory. The players or teams who secure the most points at the end of this period will be named Arena Champions for their respective title.


The Arena Champions will move on to represent their tribe in the in the national finals. A 2 week single elimination bracket for the chance to crowned the Belong Arena Rivals Champions!


The first season of Arena Rivals welcomes back some of our favourite titles from Arena Clash and introduces brand new solo and duo formats to Tekken 7, FIFA 19 and League of Legends.


Choose to play for one week in a single tournament, or participate in multiple tournaments across the whole season!


Players can drop into weekly tournaments for £10 per night or pick up the Rivals Season Pass and attend all 5 weeks of competition for £30.


From April 1st - 17th May


Prizes for National Finals:

1st Place: £125 GAME Reward Points

2nd Place: £90 GAME Reward Points

3rd Place: £75 GAME Reward Points

4th Place: £50 GAME Reward Points



Players still competing in SP19 Arena Clash will not be able to enter Arena Rivals for the same title until they are eliminated from the bracket


How To Get Involved


Arena Qualifiers

5 Weeks of Tournaments to earn points and be crowned Arena Champion


National Playoffs

Arena Champions qualify for National Playoffs


UK Rivals Champion

The Top player or team is crowned UK Rivals Champion


The Titles

Compete across three major titles

FIFA 5.png



Find your local arena