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It is the first week of our Arena Clash Winter Finals!

Each final will be held at our Belong Bristol arena which you can find directions to here.

If you're attending the finals or want to catch them live on Twitch, check out our schedule below.  


Championship Finals Schedule

Game Date Time
Rocket League 06/12/19 19:00
FIFA20 07/12/19 11:00
League of Legends 14/12/19 17:00
Mortal Kombat 11 15/12/19 12:00
Overwatch 15/12/19 15:30


We would like to congratulate the Teesside Steelers for having three teams in this season's finals, an incredible community feat!

Good luck to all of our competing tribes, we can't wait to see how the finals play out.


Rocket League

Clyde Claymores Team: Chiefeog, Shotts, FreeCant and Calzafyrl.

Milton Keynes Enigma Team: Evade, Cynical, Tris and Booth.



Kingston Harriers Team: Woodzy, BUETER, Alfred and Turner.

Teesside Steelers Team: Chester, Sm0gg, JWG2kk and ChrisMaca.


League of Legends

London Lionhearts Team: Windz, Girish, Kera, Hi Im Jacob, DICTATOR and BooMLGneWbb.

Teesside Steelers Team: Casinero, Liam, Khorne, One More Light, Drazar and Arc the Dragon.


Mortal Kombat 11

London Lionhearts Team: Hollow, VideoGamezYo, Spyware_exe and The_Seer.

Clyde Claymores Team: Lone Wolf, AWP, Azarath and Nausea.



Spartans Team: Hamerfal, Chico, Elementwiz, Feezdog, Cheek, Jarew and DarkDagger.

Steelers Team: Sketch, RuggyRam, Kiwii, Quantum, Jixryyy, Caerleus and ʞɔɒįɒdɒlꟻ.

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