The Summer Arena Clash 2019 Finals took place during Insomnia65 at the NEC on the 23rd - 24th August, where all of our finalists had the opportunity to compete on stage in front of an audience. 

The London Lionhearts took their victory against the Teesside Steelers after some extremely close games during their Mortal Kombat 11 Finals! 

Congratulations to our winners, Spyware_MK, TQT1995, Alessan600302055 and The_Seer.

The Stratford Spartans took their second consecutive win in the Overwatch Arena Clash Finals after playing against Manchester Swarm on August 24th. 

Well done to our winners Feezdog, Kohhtenks, Hamerfalsb, Cheek22_ow, DarkDagger3, Elementwiz and JarewOW. Although Manchester Swarm didn't win, both teams still came away with gaming headsets courtesy of RIG_Gaming. 

Despite the Clyde Claymores putting up a fight until the very end, CynicalSFK, Gingertris1, BoiCartier and xEvadify of the MK Engimas are our first ever Rocket League Arena Clash Champions Summer 2019!

After beating the Teesside Steelers 3-1, the London Lionhearts have won the League of Legends Arena Clash Finals and earned themselves a place in the Forge of Champions! Congratulations to ReganDaWriter, LovesickLoL, GODMIDEUW, Rahmatulah97, PrecisionEUW and TrueRamboLoL.

Not all was lost for our Teesside Steelers as their FIFA19 team took the Championship title from the Clyde Claymores in an intense 5-4 win!

A huge congratulations to Matthewches93, TheOnlyToma97, Chrismaca87 and RSeasons of the Teesside Steelers.

Thank you to all of our casters and Tribes for making the season a success, and congratulations to the London Lionhearts, Teesside Steelers, Clyde Claymores, MK Enigmas, Stratford Spartans and Manchester Swarm for making it to the Summer Finals of Arena Clash 2019!


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Mortal Kombat 11 - London Lionhearts

Overwatch - Stratford Spartans

Rocket League - MK Enigmas

League of Legends - London Lionhearts

FIFA19 - Teesside Steelers


Winter Arena Clash 2019

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