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Arena Clash is the UK's leading grassroots esports tournament, allowing players across the country to experience competitive gaming on the very latest technology.

Make new friends and prepare to fight for a spot in the Arena Clash Spring Finals, with the Championship teams heading to Insomnia66 this April.

You'll be able to play across our most successful titles including Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League and Mortal Kombat 11. 

Gears 5 will also be starring in its first-ever Arena Clash tournament!


Key Changes This Season

We have been listening to our player base and have made some big changes to Arena Clash for this year.

League Changes: The Underground League has been removed and Challenger League has been unlocked, allowing more teams in each arena to enter the Challenger League, get their own jersey and compete against a larger pool of teams. The Challenger League will now use a swiss format in the group stage. This means that there will be more evenly matched games, providing a better experience for all teams.

Secondary Playoffs: We wanted to give more teams an extra chance to win prizes and also gain more competitive experience, so a secondary playoffs bracket has been implemented. Teams that finish between 9th - 16th place will be eligible to compete in this new bracket. Only leagues with at least 16 teams will be eligible to run the secondary bracket.

FIFA20: Unfortunately, FIFA will no longer be a title in this season's Arena Clash tournament. We are looking at alternative tournaments to better suit our current player base and open it up to more audiences. Please keep an eye out for more announcements on this.


What happens at the Qualifiers?

To enter the tournament, you must attend your local arena on the qualifying night of your title choice. 

You will be greeted by our friendly staff who will give you a break down on how the qualifiers will work. If required, our arena staff will also organise teams, so don't worry if you are a solo player as we'll help you find teammates.

The qualifier matches will then take place and determine which of the two leagues you'll be most suited to take part in our Arena Clash tournament.

The Championship League is where our top tier players fight it out for the chance to play on stage at Insomnia66, the competition is tough so make use of our arenas to practice beforehand! 

If you didn't get the big win on the night, you'll enter our Challenger League. This league offers players the opportunity to experience an esports tournament as part of an official team, training up ready to try advance to Championship League next season.

Arena Clash gives you the chance to experience competitive esports, or simply help improve and develop your skills.


How much does it cost to enter Arena Clash?

Our Qualifiers are free to enter, however, entry to our Arena Clash tournament is £40 for Championship and Challenger players once they have completed their qualifying games. This includes entry into the tournament and your own personalised 2020 Tribe jersey.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

Our partners at HyperX provide the equipment to make sure you get the very best gaming experience during qualifiers, so you don't need to bring anything with you. Although we won't stop you from bringing your lucky controller or fight stick if you feel it gives you the edge against the competition!

Our arenas also have snacks and drinks available for purchase during the evening matches if you require some refreshments.



Let your local arena know you're coming to qualifiers by contacting them via Twitter, Discord or you can visit them in person at the arena.

Get to know your teammates, share your best clips and have direct contact with arena admins by joining our Arena Clash Community Discord Server!

Each Arena Clash title has its own channel where you can chat with your fellow competitors and read up on the latest fixtures, tables and match results.


To find out more about Arena Clash please visit our Arena Clash Hub. Alternatively, select from the titles below for all the latest tournament info, Spring 2020 prize pool, and tournament rulesets.



Mortal Kombat 11 - 20/01

Rocket League - 21/01

Gears 5 - 28/01

Overwatch - 22/01

League of Legends - 23/01


Championship & Challenger £40 with 2020 jersey


Find out more about competing in Arena Clash.

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