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Gran Turismo 7 Time Trial Ruleset

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This event will be a beat the time leaderboard. Players will compete on a set track within the game to get the best time. They can attempt this up to 5 times. The event will run between 14:00 and 17:00.

Instructions on the day:

Players may submit a new score if they beat their previous one.
Players must have each time verified by an admin - either by the admin witnessing the end screen, or from a screenshot of the end screen.Insert lap times as 0:00 (Example 7:00)
Insert distances as 0:00 (Example 4.12)

Game Settings:




Game Rules:

Time Input
A player may submit a different better time if they achieve a better result than they submitted earlier.

Score Verification
Admins must be able to verify each score a player wishes to submit. If the Admin did not witness the end screen, or the player cannot provide a screenshot, the score cannot be submitted.

If a player disconnects from a game, and they cannot verify the time with a screenshot then the game cannot be submitted as a time.

All standard controllers, including mouse and keyboard, are legal. Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) are not permitted.

The vehicles used by players must be the ones specified within this ruleset, with no modifications or tuning made.

The tracks raced on must be only those listed in the rules for each week of the competition. Any times submitted on other tracks will not be counted.