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Fifa Arena Cups Ruleset

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1 Eligibility 

1.1 Definition 

An ‘Arena Cup participant’ is a player that is participating in the FIFA 2022 Spring Arena Cup. With their participation, the participant states that they understand and accept all rules. 

This ruleset applies in respect of both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X tournaments, with any reference to the former including the latter and vice versa. Any specific platform differences will be highlighted in the relevant sections. 

1.2 Player Eligibility 

Each Arena Cup participant must compete individually and be wholly represented by themselves.  

Players must be at least 16 years of age in order to be eligible to enter. 

Players must use their own personal PSN or Xbox Live account in order to compete. 

1.3 Additional Eligibility 

The account submitted in the roster form must be used for the entire tournament.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]If a player’s account is suspended or banned for any reason during the tournament, they will not be eligible to play in the FIFA 2022 Arena Cup for the duration of the suspension/ban. 

Players with inappropriate usernames will be asked to submit another one if tournament organisers request so. If they cannot then they will be unable to enter the tournament. 

2 Tournament Stages 

2.1 Qualifiers 

2.2.1 Qualifying 

All players will automatically qualify for the Tournament. The group they are eligible to join will depend on their qualifier position. 

2.2.2 Format 

Players will attend the qualifier evening on the date specified for their tournament. On arrival players will be required to enter into a 6 round swiss bracket on Battlefy, with failure to do so by the designated time (18:30) resulting in failure to enter. 

Players will complete the bracket to confirm their placement, with groups of 24 players being seeded into ‘leagues’ based on placement. 

2.2 Group Stage 

2.2.1 Format 

The group stage of the tournament is a single round robin group format played across 4 weeks. 

Rounds will be determined on Battlefy, with players having opponents designated to them to play each evening of the Arena Cup. 

If less than 24 players register to compete before round 1, this format is subject to change. 

2.2.2 Match Format 

Players will compete in a Best of 1 (Bo1). 

2.2.3 Scoring 

Players will receive the following points from their results; 

2.2.4 Tiebreakers 

Ties between teams at the end of the tournament will be decided on goal difference. 

2.2.5 Final standings 

At the end of the 4 weeks prizes will be allocated in accordance with the final standings and the prizes set out at the onset of the tournament.   

3 Match Setup 

3.1 Qualifiers 

The following steps outline the process of playing a Match; 

  1. Players will have to add each other as Friends on PSN/Xbox Live prior to playing 
  1. Players select who hosts the lobby, players can mutually agree or use a coin flip.  
  1. One player sets up a Friendly Seasons lobby in the Kick Off mode menu and invites their opponent.  
  1. Game settings are to remain unchanged. 
  1. Players are given 3 minutes to decide teams and formations 
  1. The Players play the match. 
  2. At the end of the Game players should take a screenshot of the final score on their phone, to retain for the duration of the tournament, in case there are any score disputes. 

3.2 Breaks 

After each game a player may take a maximum of five minutes to join the next game.   

3.3 Equipment 

Players are provided with a full setup of hardware and peripherals to use during the tournament. 

Players have the option of using their own peripherals during each match. Player-owned equipment must be compatible with Belong-provided competition equipment. Belong is not responsible for ensuring Player-owned equipment is in working condition. Belong 

reserves the right to inspect all Player-Owned equipment to ensure compliance with Youth Cup rules. 

3.4 Coinflip Clarification 

The coinflip will determine which team wins or loses the flip based on player name in alphabetical order. 

Heads: Team with alphabetical priority picks[Text Wrapping Break]Tails: Team without alphabetical priority picks. 

Alphabetical priority is determined in the following way: 

Team A has priority over teams B, C, D etc. 

Team Aardvark has priority over team Angel (Aa vs An) etc. 

It is the responsibility of the Arena admin for the player with the first alphabetical order to perform the coin flip and report the result to their corresponding opponents admin. Any disputes should be reported to the League Operator. 

4 Bugs and Glitches 

It is up to the tournament administration discretion whether the use of said bugs had an effect on the match, and what penalty they will incur. Admins should pause the game and report these to the representative as soon as possible. 

4.1 Rehosting 

Rehost rules are specified below, including the conditions in which they will be allowed: 

Each Player can receive up to 1 rehost per series maximum. 

In case the above conditions are met, players should instantly request a rehost to their Arena Admin, followed by the reason. Arena Admins must immediately inform their opponents Admin. Players should continue playing until the rehost is confirmed by an Arena Admin. Once confirmed, everyone should instantly end the game. 

If a match is interrupted for any reason then it should be continued where it left off, by re-host. If a game is to be replayed due to a rehost, players must choose the teams, formation and will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score. 

4.2 Connection Issues 

If players are unable to connect to a game within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, that game will be declared a draw. Both players will receive one tournament point. 

5 Title Specific Infractions 

Definitions for all penalties can be found in the Arena Cup Infractions and Penalties Guide. 

5.1 Score Clarification 

If a Game is forfeited, or a Game Loss is issued, the game will be scored 3-0 to the opponent, regardless of the current score in game. 

5.2 Failure to Attend  

Penalty: Game Loss 

Players must be ready to play at the start of each scheduled round. 

Up to 5 minutes may be used if difficulties occur in regard to getting players in-game. If it is likely a player is either going to be late or miss the scheduled start time, then the arena staff must report the fact to their player’s opponent’s Admin. 

If a fixture has not started 10 mins after the scheduled start time due to a player not being in attendance on time, then they will receive a Match Loss. 

5.3 Using Training Consumables  

Penalty: Game Loss 

Players are not allowed to use training consumables in Youth Cup matches. Any player found using a training consumable on his squad will receive a Game Loss 

5.4 Use of Bugs and Glitches  

Penalty: Match Loss 

Any player found using a Bug or Glitch to gain a competitive advantage will receive a Match Loss.  

5.5 Rehosts  

Penalty: Game Loss 

Giving an invalid reason for a rehost, or leaving the match before having approval to do so will lead to instant game loss to the player that uses it. 

5.6 Leaving a Game  

Penalty: Warning 

If a player leaves a game voluntarily before the final whistle, they will receive a warning. Additionally, 3 goals will be awarded to their opponent, these will be added to their opponents’ current goals, regardless of current score and match time. 

5.7 Using another player's account  

Penalty: Disqualification 

If a player is found to be using an account which they do not own to compete in the tournament they will be given an immediate disqualification and the account will be reported to EA for breaking terms of service. 

5.8 Unlisted Penalties 

If an admin or player believes a rule has been broken and there is no assigned punishment for it, they must contact the representative as soon as possible with details and evidence. The representative will judge the case and assign a penalty if required