From the earliest beginnings of Belong, giving the community a chance to tell us what they want has been a key part of us. We want to give you the player more chances to tell us what you want, and how we can make all of our events as amazing as possible! With that being said, we're extremely proud to present Community Choice, where you have the power to choose the games you play and make your mark inside your Belong Arena! 

MOBA Night

The first Friday of every month is MOBA Night at Belong. Players choose which games to play, whether its League of Legends, DOTA2, Smite or anything else, the choice is yours! Check out your local arena for what game we’ll be digging into this month.




1st Friday of every month


See local arena listings 

Players & Format

The choice is yours! 


Players must be aged 12+ and a GAME reward card member


Ask Arena staff for details


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