If our arenas fall, humanity falls.

On the brink of collapse, our Tribes are threatened by lawlessness and instability. Division agents are the last line of defence to save us all before it's too late.

Do you have what it takes to become a Division Agent or does your combat style fit better elsewhere? 

Join your local Tribe and squad up to experience The Division 2 for free in our arenas between the 15th and 17th March to be entered into our prizedraw to win a copy of the game! 

The Enemy Factions

  • True Sons: Warlords, using their combat expertise and firepower to dominate their enemies.
  • Hyenas: A gang of opportunistic raiders, preying on struggling civilian life.
  • Outcasts: Survivors of a forced quarantine, out to take revenge on those who imprisoned them.
  • Black Tusk: A private military organisation that operates on an unknown agenda.


Find out where you belong by trying out our quiz! It is up to you now, agent! 


15th - 17th March


The Division 2

Players & Format

Free to play!

All players are welcome! 


Players must be aged 18+ and a GAME reward card member


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