Counter Strike is coming to Belong for an action-packed, month-long tournament.

We’re incredibly excited to be bringing the esports staple to all of our arenas across the country, and we hope that you’ll join us throughout the month of November to get stuck in.

We kick off our Counter Strike Arena Cup on the 2nd of November with 3 weeks of matches to determine which teams will be advancing into the final on 30th November for the chance to be crowned champions.

A double elimination bracket will give every team that enters at least two chances to advance to the following weeks, which means that even if you lose in week 1, you’ll still be able to come back and fight your way through the lower bracket with the aim of advancing further in the tournament.

Entry to the Arena Cup will be £20, which will secure you at least 2 weeks of matches and you’ll pay nothing extra if you have what it takes to advance further in the tournament.


2nd - 30th November


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Price of Entry

£20 per Player

  • 1st Place - £100 cash per player
  • 2nd Place - £50 cash per player
  • 3rd Place - £25 cash per player
  • 5v5 Double Elimination
  • Best of 1 Bracket
  • Best of 3 Finals

Players must be over 18 years old and a GAME reward card member


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