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The mayhem and intensity of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is no stranger to the arenas of Belong but today we’re extremely excited to announce the next feature of the Battle Royale phenomenon's Belong activity, as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS at Belong is coming to the halls of Insomnia63!

With an incredible PUBG themed dedicated 100 seat arena, show visitors will be able to experience the chaos and calamity of locking eyes with their opponents as they drop in to one of the three maps available across the weekend. Players that want to get involved will need to head over to the arena to register, where they will be given a time slot that they will play.

Another popular feature of PUBG at Belong are our Steelseries bounties, where players in every game are given the chance to win some amazing goodies by taking down the Steelseries employees that will be a part of matches across the weekend. That’s not all though as players will have the chance to get their hands on some other giveaways and maybe even some show exclusive goodies!

Tickets are still on sale for Insomnia63, and you can get yours by heading to the Insomnia Website now, don’t miss out on the battleground coming to The NEC!

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