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Arena Clash FAQ

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1. Do I need my own game account?

Yes. But, if you own the game on a different platform to the one used in Arena Clash you may request to use a Belong account from your arena admin.

2. How do I chat to the community?

You can get to know your teammates and fellow Arena Clash players by joining our Discord server. 


3. Can I use my own accessories?

We provide you with equipment, but if you have a lucky controller or keyboard, you’re welcome to bring it along!



1. When will we know fixtures and where can I find scores?

Once all teams are confirmed, fixtures will be generated via Battlefy by the 15th October. You’ll be able to find them by selecting the relevant title page that you're competing in or via the main Arena Clash hub.


2. I can’t make a fixture date, what can I do?

All teams have an extra slot for a substitute who can take your place for that fixture. Matches will not be rescheduled due to a player being unable to attend. Please ensure you check all dates with your teammates and admin to avoid any issues.


3. Which teams will be streamed and where is the schedule?

A stream schedule will be available on our Arena Clash hub page once the season starts. These may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances (forfeits, technical issues etc).



1. Where can I find the rulesets?

You can find the title-specific rulesets under each of the title pages on our Arena Clash hub. The main rulesets can be found on the main Arena Clash page. If any rules are missing or unclear, please request clarification from your Arena Admin.


2. Can I stream or observe my own games?

You may not stream any official fixture of Arena Clash (friendlies are fine if both teams agree). No player may spectate any fixture.


3. What happens if I get banned?

The reason and length of any ban will be communicated clearly to you. You will not be able to participate in Arena Clash for the duration of the ban.



1. We want your feedback!

For any arena related feedback, please discuss this with your admins.

If you have any other feedback, use our Discord’s #feedback channel. An end of season feedback form will be sent after the Finals to all players via email.


2. Who can I contact regarding any issues in the arena?

Your first point of contact is your specialist Arena Admin. If you would like to contact your arena online, you can use the BelongArenasUK Discord and @ them in a question under the #esports-queries channel (for example use @BelongSuttonAdmin) or direct message the arena on their individual Twitter account.


1. What are the Arena Clash prizes?

A full list of prizes can be found on the main Arena Clash hub and under the title you're competing in. Once the physical prizes are confirmed we will announce on social and update the website.


2. If I win, when will I receive the prizes?

All prizes will be distributed after the finals have been completed. Please note that this may take up to 6 weeks.


3. How do I win Play Of The Week?

The Play Of The Week award is selected by our casters after each stream and will be announced the week after.



1. How is the tournament seeded?

All teams are seeded based on average team rank using the submitted ranks specific to each title. Teams are then spread evenly across groups. 


2. How will I know which group I am in?

You can check which group your team is in when fixtures are released under your title specific page.


3. How do I get into the playoffs?

The top 6 teams in each title will advance to the Playoffs. The top 2 teams automatically progress to the semi-finals.


4. Where can I find the rosters?

You can find the rosters online under your title specific page. 


5. When will I get my jersey?



6. Do I need to play in the friendlies? 

While you are not required to play the friendly matches, we’d encourage you to use the opportunity as a scrim session. Learning to communicate and play as a team is key to winning in Arena Clash!


7. Can I play from home?

No, you will need to visit your local area to take part in Arena Clash. This is to ensure a completely level playing field and that the correct players are competing, i.e no ringers. However, extenuating circumstances may be taken into account in certain situations, including being required to isolate due to Covid-19. Please discuss this with your Arena Admin who can advise further.


8. I made it to the finals, what’s next?

The Finals will be streamed live on Twitch.


Good Luck!