Arena Clash, one of the younger tournaments in the UK Scene, has had an amazing season this year.  Across all three titles, Tekken 7, Overwatch and League and Legends, Arena Clash has seen the quality of play deepen within this grassroots tournament.

In Overwatch, we’ve seen new teams such as the Spartans, come from obscurity all the way to the finals.   More importantly, we’ve seen teams and players stick together, familiar names returning season after season.

Tekken 7 has been a staple within Arena Clash since its earlier days and now it attracts players from the top FGC talent in Europe.   Despite having all-star teams, Tekken Arena clash is still proving to be a vital proving ground for less established teams and players.  Take, for example, teams such as the Bradford Rams.

The Rams have really shown what is possible within Arena Clash coming from nowhere to take on all-star team – the London Lionhearts – in both the 2018 Summer and Winter finals.   In the Summer finals, they managed to take the Lionhearts all the way, making them sweat.  It was a real David and Goliath match up.  The Rams players, within a short period of time, are now being recognised within the FGC – some of them even getting sponsorship.

The casting talent for League of Legends this season often joked that a unique meta is developing within Arena Clash.    However, when the final map in this season’s League finals ran for over an hour, it’s hard to dispute this.     Portsmouth Pirates have won the League of Legends Arena Clash finals every season thus far, but this season it all changed with the Clyde Claymores crowned as the new League of Legends Arena Clash champions.

And so we look forward to next season, Spring 2019… Joining Tekken, Overwatch and League will be two new titles to Clash - Rainbow 6  Siege and FIFA 19.  With new arenas expected and new titles in the mix, this is set to be an incredibly exciting season.  However, unlike some of the purely proplayer  focused tournaments, this is an event any gamer can take part in – and who knows – you might be on stage at the NEC this Easter at the Belong finals, part of the Insomnia Gaming Festival.    Head along to your local arena to find out more and sign up.   Alternatively visit Belong.gg to find out more.


Check out highlights from this years Arena Clash final at Belong Stratford! The first in the rollout of new look arenas across the UK


Check out the action as the Stratford Spartans going in as hot favourites took on the underdog Cardiff Saints!


The reigning champions the Portsmouth Pirates took on the Clyde Claymores in this seasons final. Who came out on top?