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Spring Arena Clash 2020

In March, we announced that we were postponing Spring Arena Clash due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this time, we have explored potential options for resuming and concluding the season in a fair, and most importantly, safe way. Disappointingly, we have not been able find a safe and fair approach for all of our players, and it is with regret that today we announce that we will be cancelling the Spring Arena Clash 2020 tournament.


We truly appreciate that this is not the news that our players were looking for, but we have taken many factors into consideration to come to this tough decision.

Our decision was made with the player’s safety and the following reasons in mind:

- We are unable to open all of our arenas as some of these spaces cannot adhere to all of the safety measures we have put in place in order to operate safely.

- Opening currently closed arenas to conclude the tournament would put those players at risk. Continuing without these arenas would also not be fair as they have teams who qualified for the playoffs.

- Feedback from the community has suggested that there are many players who can no longer participate in the tournament due to other commitments, change in circumstances as well as concerns for their own safety.

- We acknowledge the suggestion of concluding the tournament online, with players at home, however, Arena Clash is designed to be a co-located fair tournament where all players have the same equipment and opportunities, as their opponents, where winning is based on skill. Moving to online would create a series of concerns whereby players may not have the same level of equipment or other facilities to make the game equal.

- With some players unable to take part, piecing teams together would cause challenges that we do not want to create for our players; putting them in positions where they have to attend a certain date, or forfeit their games.

We have therefore ultimately concluded that with the current restrictions in place and the number of players that would not be able to attend, we would no longer be providing the experience that all of our players deserve.

With all of this in mind, we have decided to divide up and pay out the prize pool, based on the amount available to each section of the playoff teams - see the table below. 

As we are unable to finish the last round of the swiss group stage, for League of Legends: Challenger League, we cannot determine final placements.

Instead, we are choosing to reward teams that have been successful in the group stage and base the pay-outs on wins.

Position Amount Per Player
Championship League: Placed Top 8 £50
Championship League: Placed 9th - 16th £25
Challenger League: Placed Top 8 £20
Challenger League: Placed 9th - 16th £10
- -
Challenger League: League of Legends 3+ Wins £20
Challenger League: League of Legends 2 Wins £10
Challenger League: League of Legends 1 Win £5


To see your placement please click on the relevant link below:

Mortal Kombat 11 Championship

Rocket League Championship

Gears 5 Championship

Overwatch Championship

League of Legends Championship

Rainbow Six Siege Championship

Overwatch Challenger

League of Legends Challenger

Rainbow Six Siege Challenger

Rocket League Challenger


Qualifying players will be contacted by email within the next 7 days, in order to provide their GAME Reward Card details. If you do not receive an email after the 7 day period please contact

With prize pool payments being made in GAME Reward points this may take up to 45 days from when the player completes and submits the form.

This will be paid out to the Reward Card provided when competing players fill out the form provided in the customer service email we have sent to qualifying players. We believe this to be the fairest thing we could do for our talented players that managed to qualify through from the group stages, into either our top bracket or into our intermediate bracket playoffs.


Winter Arena Clash 2020

With the continued uncertainty we are facing in these unprecedented times, we have also made the difficult decision to cancel the planned Winter Arena Clash 2020.

With the current situation changing constantly, we cannot predict what will happen, and with the large attendance we would normally see for qualifying and season activity, we think this is the best way to proceed in the interim.

We will continue to work hard to bring more short-form esports content to our arenas, including Arena Rivals and Arena Cups over the coming weeks.

This content does not require a high level of commitment, and players can choose how often they would like to take part. If you wish to take part, our safety mitigations can be found at

We are also able to limit the number of participants and tailor our plans to each arena to ensure player safety at all times. We do not want to force any player into a long-term travel schedule, with the chance that we have to cancel another season this year and we want to make sure that every activity we do run is with player safety in mind.

Plans for Arena Clash 2021 are already underway, and we are looking into how we can deliver a safe yet bigger and better experience for all our players next year. Please follow us on social to get all updates and announcements.

We truly appreciate your patience during these difficult times and are always looking for your feedback, please email any queries or questions to and we hope to see you at future events.

- BELONG Gaming Arenas